Almost 5 weeks old and out in their play pen

It is finally warm enough for the pups to go outside to play for a while so today was their first adventure into the puppy play pen.

They had a great time exploring the wide open spaces.

cassie_5weeks1 cassie_5weeks2 cassie_5weeks3 cassie_5weeks4 cassie_5weeks5 cassie_5weeks6


jet_5weeks1 jet_5weeks2 jet_5weeks3 jet_5weeks4 jet_5weeks5jet_5weeks6



peace_5weeks2 peace_5weeks3 peace_5weeks4 peace_5weeks5 peace_5weeks8 peace_5weeks9 peace_5weeks10


gemma_5weeks2 gemma_5weeks3 gemma_5weeks4 gemma_5weeks5 gemma_5weeks6 gemma_5weeks7 gemma_5weeks8