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They’re Here!

Badger delivered 2 beautiful girls on July 12th. Both pups are spoken for but do enjoy the virtual puppy breath.

In keeping with our Out Of This World theme meet.

Jadzia, our blue merle girl weighing in at 13oz when born. She reminds me of her Uncle Harri with that black eye patch.

Kira is our black tri girl who weighed 9oz at birth. She has a lot of copper on her already. 


This will be Badgers last litter so I you have been waiting for a Badger pup please get your applications in asap.




Angel has found her forever home with Haley!



Oscar is on the larger side of the puppy scale but is perfect in every other way. Loves people, bold, smart and drop dead gorgeous.

Oscar went to live with Andres and Jennifer.

Cherry is the social butterfly of the group. Always wants to be in my lap and underfoot. She reminds me so much of her mother.

Cherry, now Waffles, is living with Amy and Topher.

Molly is the bold girl of the litter she sure doesn’t let her big brother push her around at all. I just love her spirit

Molly is staying here at Birchview and is my next show prospect.

We are 4 weeks old and had a play date with lots of fun things to explore.

Oscar enjoying a little rest on Topher’s back and falling asleep in the ballpit.


Angel was perfectly content in Therese’s lap.

Cherry looks like she isn’t enjoying the ballpit but she really did!

Now the bath was a whole other kind of new experience and one she thinks she could do without.

Molly chillin’ 


Angel is the smallest of the litter and is a quiet, cuddly girl.

Angle is Available

Cherry is Miss Congeniality of the litter. The first one to greet everyone. She reminds me so much of her dam.

Cherry is Reserved Pending Evaluation 

Molly is an inquisitive, smart girl who l loves to explore.                               Molly is Reserved Pending Evaluations

Oscar, Oscar, Oscar……He is a super smart, outgoing pup that likes to be the first to do almost everything.

Oscar is Reserved Pending Evaluation


We are 1 week old and growing like minnows!




Cherry Barb



Meet the only boy, Oscar, born first and boldly into the world.

(Oscar is pending evaluation for show/will be available to pet home after 8 week evaluations are done)


Meet Cherry Barb, our first red merle girl who is absolutely gorgeous with her full collar and high white socks and peaches and cream coat pattern.


Meet Angle, she is a minimal black tri girl with only a little copper under her tail and high white stockings. She is going to be striking!


Meet Molly, the smallest of the litter and our other red merle girl. Like her sister she too has a full collar and high white stockings.


Available – puppy is available
Pending – puppy is pending for a  show breed quality, but will be available if pet/performance quality.
Sold – Puppy has a home waiting and is no longer available.
Hold – Deposit is on its way and must arrive in 72 hours or the puppy is released and available.

1 Blue merle boy, 2 Red merle girls and 1  Black tri girl


      Phish                 x              Prince Charming



This will be a fantastic litter from these 2 gorgeous dogs. They are both happy, biddable and extremely smart. I am expecting great temperaments, beautiful type and all around can do anything pups.



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