Cricket x Houdini pups are born 4-12-2016

The pups were born right on schedule and while I was hoping for a few more I can’t really complain as these are 4 gorgeous pups!

All pups are spoken for pending the 8 week evaluation.

new litter

Black tri boy – Jet

btm btm_ls btm_rs

Red merle girl – Cassie

rmf_ls rmf1 rmf1_rs

Red merle girl – Gemma

rmf2 rmf2_ls rmf2_rs

Red tri girl – Peace

rtf rtf_ls rtf_rs


Cricket’s CPE Agility Debut!

Cricket and I had a great time at the On The Run CPE Agility trial this past weekend.  I entered her in Standard level 1 and Wildcard level 1 on Saturday and Colors level 1 and Wildcard level 1 on Sunday.





photo credit Herreid photography


We were both a bit nervous at first but I chose this trial as it is our training facility so Cricket knew the space and was comfortable there.  Well, it paid off as we qualified in all 4 runs, received 3 first place ribbons and 1 second place ribbon to top it off got her first agility title – CTL1-F!

Thank you to my great friends Connie Bleeker, Joan Koskiniemi,  Joel and Deb Waldon and Diane Clyne for all the encouragement and support,  my agility instructors  Deb Yost, Anne Reynolds, Melissa Torgerson  for getting us there and finally thank you Judy Linder for this wonderful girl!  In my case I guess it takes a village to get to the agility field. 🙂

Birchview Badger’s pups at 8 weeks

The pups  at 8 weeks old and off to their forever homes…..well most of them anyway.

Froggy is available to a companion home. He is a great pup who is going to be a lot of fun.  He loves to chase the water coming out of the hose, play fetch and snuggle.


Moose is now Pabu and living with Amy, Topher and his mom, Badger


Fox now Leo is now living with Frederic and Daniela


Roo is living with Becky and family


Piggy now Mochi is living with Lisa and Cory


Bear is now living with Audrey and family hoping to become a certified therapy dog when he grows up.



Birchview Badger’s pups at 6 weeks!

6 weeks already? Wow, the time has really gone fast.

Pups had a big week this week.  They went on Tuesday to see Dr. Knutson for their puppy check ups…..happy to report all have good hearts, and boys have parts. 😉

Wednesday they all had a bath…what a hoot.  Got them all in the tub at the same time.  As usual Bear, Fox and Mochi (piggy) where easy, peasy while Roo, Moose and Froggy squirmed a bit.

Before adding water…………………………..After adding water


Then Thursday  they went to see Dr. Larocca for Cerf. eye exam.  All the pups have good eyes…no problems to report.

Pictures continue to be a challenge but we got it done.  I was hoping to get all of them in the wagon but that was just not going to happen.
























Birchview Badger Pups are 5 weeks old!

The pups are already 5 weeks old and are now running all over the place.  They are eating puppy food mixed with goat’s milk and an egg yolk so mom is getting a break.  Badger continues to be a great mom and is now teaching the pups how to be good puppies around adult dogs.  I will try to get a few pictures of that for my next update.  It can look like she is  being mean but she is just teaching them manners.

The pups are now going out into the puppy play yard for several hours a day do they can stretch out and get some fresh air.  They are very hard to get pictures of so here  they are  at 5 weeks old.

Bear striking a pose.

bear 5 weeks

Fox chillin’

fox 5 weeks

Piggy being very cute

piggy 5 weeks

My son, Daniel with Moose (think Lion King)

moose 5 weeks5 weeks moose


Roo did not want to stop long enough for a photo



5 weeks roo


Either did Froggy


5 weeks froggy



froggy 5 weeks



Birchview Badger’s pups are 4 weeks old.

Well, the pups are 4 weeks old and staring to really show their personalities, play with each other and generally do more that eat, sleep and poop. 🙂

I tried to take their pictures today and while the pups were cooperating the Minnesota weather was not.  It is so humid my lens kept fogging up sorry for the quality of some of the photos.


20150816_144938 20150816_144950  20150816_145054 20150816_145127



20150816_145824 20150816_145947 20150816_145958 20150816_150025



20150816_150921(0) 20150816_151058 20150816_151119


20150816_151347 20150816_151359   20150816_151557


20150816_161406 20150816_161415  20150816_161650


20150817_160017 20150817_160317 20150817_160528



The pups at 3 weeks old

Can you believe the pups are already 3 weeks old? I sure can’t. Everyone has their eyes open and it looks like the red boys will all have amber eyes while the blues will have marbled eyes.

This is one of the smallest litters by weight that I have ever had.  From 1.13 pounds to 2.3 pounds.

Here are a few pictures from today. 🙂

bear fox and piggy 2 fox and piggy froggy 3 weeks froggy and fox froggy moose 3 weeks moose and froggy moose profile  piggy and froggy roo 3 weeks roo roo




Badger N Chauncey pups at 2 weeks

Here they are a 2 weeks old.

To say today’s photo shoot was difficult is not an exaggeration.  Either the pup was not going to sit still or he was not going to wake up.  Still they are cute little buggers.

20150803_135656Piglet on the move


The 2 blue merles have opened their eyes.  I guess the red boys just aren’t ready to see the big wide world yet.  It shouldn’t be more than a day or two until they all have their eyes open.

They are all starting to get up on their legs and creep around the whelping box.  My prediction is Froggy will be the first one out. 🙂



Froggy (pending 8 week evaluation)

20150803_133041 20150803_133204 20150803_133350



Fox (pending 8 week evaluation)

20150803_133743 20150803_133759 20150803_134432


Roo (available)

20150803_134755 20150803_134814 20150803_134824

Moose (pending 8 week evaluation)


Piglet (sold)

20150803_135926 20150803_135938

Bear (available)

20150803_140152 20150803_140222 20150803_140224

Puppies in July!

Badger has been bred to Chauncey for a mid July litter!

This is going to be an outstanding litter of pups.  All 4 colors are expected!!

Contact me today if you are interested in one of these pups as I am only taking a few more applications.

Sharon Sloper – or 612 246-1001

chauncey_head  chauncey_4_4yrs

badger_rt_side  badger_head



Birchview Firefly Skypirate “Badger’s” Show weekend in Hutchinson, MN

badger win

Badger went to her first conformation show as an adult at almost 4 years old this weekend, May 2 & 3, 2015 at the IABCA dog show.  We had a great time seeing old friends and meeting new ones.  There were 11 Miniature American Shepherds all cleaned up and ready to show.  Badger and I have been practicing for a few months and boy has she come a long way from our first class.  She behaved herself and I was so very proud of her.

I want to thank Judge Jean Pero for giving Badger Winner’s Bitch and Best of Breed Bred by Exhibitor.  I was thrilled!

We went on to get our International Champion title for the weekend and we also met the Sire to Badger’s first litter.

Let’s hope in a couple months we will be seeing a whole litter of Badger’s running around.

Badger is the offspring of Grand Ch. Birchviews Predicted Impact Point “Pip” and Ch. Compact Classic Mischief in the Making




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